Relief From the Pain of Multiple Sclerosis

AFTER 19 years of crippling aches and pains, Melissa Walker resigned herself to the fact that she would always suffer with multiple sclerosis (MS). The neurological disease affects 85,000 people in the UK. It is caused by damage to the protective sheath around the nerve fibres of the body’s central nervous system.

It is both physically and emotionally frustrating for sufferers as they can be fine for months and then unable to get out of bed when it really matters. “Having MS has drastically affected the quality of my life and meant that continuing my work as a trained chef was absolutely out of the question,” said the mother-of-three, who used to be the second chef at The Peahen, in St Albans.

“MS interfered with even the simplest of activities as every outing had to be meticulously planned to ensure that I didn’t have to walk too far, queue too long, to end up too tired to drive home safely. It means that I have to live with an uncertain future – I would have given the world to have been able to lead a normal, spontaneous family life.” But a chance encounter at Cannon’s Health Club in St Albans literally changed the 47-year-old’s life.

It was here that Melissa discovered BioflowMagnotherapy bracelets. The wristbands are fitted with therapeutic magnets which have been developed to apply powerful directed magnetic fields to the body. The non-invasive, natural therapy is said to enhance the body’s ability to heal itself and relieve joint pain, poor circulation, sports injury, headaches and excema.

Melissa, of Smallford Road, St Albans, said: “From the first day I wore my bracelet, my legs did not ache. I hardly dared believe it.

“The next day, I felt the same – I was absolutely astounded.

“I worked in the garden for eight hours, walked the dog, cooked tea and sorted the laundry.

“I felt amazing — I hadn’t felt so good in years.

“My other symptoms are still there, but I notice them less because I am so busy.

“The dreadful ache that used to stop me doing so much has just gone and I am also hopeful that in time my other symptoms may diminish.

“I was so used to having to rest all afternoon if I was busy in the morning.

“Now I can keep going all day and go out in the evening.

“It’s given me a whole new lease of life,” added Melissa, who studies ceramics at Oaklands College in Welwyn Garden City and also sells her tie-dye T-shirts at November in Ware.

Melissa is so convinced by the magnotherapy wristband that she has introduced it to all her family and friends and is now a Bioflow distributor. Both her dogs Alfie and Lottie wear a magnetic collar to improve their health, her jazz musician husband Nick wears a wristband and her family drinks magnetised water.

She added: “My miracle doesn’t stop there. My mum and dad have both reduced their blood pressure, my 96-year-old neighbour who has arthritic hands has had an improvement in movement with less pain and another has reported a huge decrease in hot flushes.”

Ecoflow – which makes Bioflow products – began in 1991 when a Cornish garage began fitting car engines with magnets to improve fuel efficiency.